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Fall 2018 Preview: Last of Days

Things are changing. There is a deep & profound shift of sorts —an autumnal change, one that presents itself in a strange breeze from the north, in the subtle darkening of the leaves, in the quiet unfolding within us. For the Black Cat Clothiers Fall Preview, we wanted to capture the in-between. We wanted to leave behind summer but not yet move into fall. We wanted the no man's land, the place where we are neither and nothing and yet, something in itself. With ethereal lace and white skirts grounded by dark boots and black velvet shawls, we hoped to display exactly how this in-between translates to our garments. We dressed ourselves like the line-striders, the hedge jumpers, those just outside everything we can see and touch. We are light and we are dark, and we are in the last of days.

Brandi wears the 1970s Dark Floral Maxi Dress

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