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Fall/Winter 2018: Stories From The Descent

The Dark Half of the Year has arrived. Samhain bonfires light our path to the Otherworld, the place where our Ancestors can dine at our table once again and the Veil is delicately thin. We tell stories of Persephone, who descended into darkness each Autumn, only to return to bear the fruits of Spring. This is not our ending; this is simply our beginning. Yes, we wear the shades of mourning, but we are only mourning all the things we were once were, the things we have cast aside to become deeper and bolder and brighter.. We have begun our descent, and we will not look back as we tunnel deeper into ourselves. There is no light at the end of this tunnel, but we are feel no terror; it comforts us like a mother's womb. These are the stories of what happens when you no longer fear the darkness of the descent.