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2018 Gift Guide

A curated collection of our very favorite gifts, rooted in some of the existing archetypes of the witch. Whether you're buying for yourself, a witch-sister or a kindred spirit, let this guide spark your inspiration. 

Mysterious and powerful, the hedge witch exists between worlds—they are neither here nor there, but appearing as they please along the forest's edge. There, they collect ancient herbs and prepares salve for their loved ones. They often wear brambles as a crown. The animals know they are coming and gather into a circle to greet them. They are a silent shadow, an intelligent maker, fingertips always stained with their latest creation.

1950/60s Floral Maxi Dress
the perfect gown for walking through tall grasses wet with early morning dew

1890s Victorian Mourning Beaded Cape
for staying warm when the late evening chill comes to the meadow 

Full Moon Ritual Bath Bomb
for ritual baths in the secret hot spring under a full moon

A comforting force, the kitchen witch feels most at home when spices fill their nose and something bubbles on the stove. They knows the intricacies of many recipes, herbs and spices, and they wield that power to heal and delight their loved ones. They wear flour splatters like an expensive garment and can make anyone feel better with a hot cup of something no one can quite identify. What's in their latest concoction, we may never know, for they're always experimenting, but never seem to make a mistake. They feel like a warm hearth on a cold day and have an innate ability to bring people together. 

Fig & Clove Handmade Soap
the perfect soap to keep near the sink

1900s Broderie Anglaise Camisole
for looking pretty while finishing the autumn equinox preserves

1970s Silver Spoon Ring
for gorgeous, but not fussy, kitchen-inspired jewelry 

Unknowable, ethereal and light-hearted, the faerie witch much resembles the creatures they are so tied to. Seeming to not even be of this Earth, they are constantly flitting between ideas & places, and seem to always be one step ahead of everyone else. They are clever and cunning, but hide their talents behind a bubbly smile. Though the faerie witch loves all things from nature and bright colors, don't be fooled: they are powerful forces to be reckoned with. 

1970s Gunne Sax Maxi Dress
for capturing a summer's day in a garment

1950s Dusty Pink Headband
for a bit of pretty with any outfit

Wood Nymph Handmade Soap
for reminding them of their sisters in the woods

An old soul and deeply introspective, the vintage witch harkens back to early days with their rituals and their garments. No matter the era they most enjoy, vintage witches feel a deep call to past decades. They tend to be a bit reserved and certainly wouldn't share their grimoire with something they don't know well. That said, everyone knows the grace and elegance of a vintage witch lights up any room, meaning they're often popular, if a bit feared. These witches cast spells of smoke and liquor and fire. 

1890s Rare Victorian Orange & Black Silk Set
for an incredible garment that's as unique as they are

1930s Hooded Black Velvet Opera Cloak
for a show-stopping piece of black magick

1950s Black Lace Slip
for the best foundation, something vintage witches deeply understand

Like hedge witches, solitary witches are mysterious and often unknowable, though they'll open up to kindred spirits. Deeply focused on their craft, these witches often practice ancestral magick and are very interested in high ritual and meditation. They tend to gravitate toward things from long ago, finding meaning in their unspoken secrets. Solitary witches find talismans extremely important, as they cast spells alone and draw on the power of those pieces to keep them safe and bring them what they desire. Above all else, solitary witches are deeply individualistic with wild imaginations and powerful knowledge. 

1910s Edwardian Lawn Dress
for the perfect gown to feel powerful & ghostly

1890s Victorian Mourning Beaded Cape
 for a special garment to wear during rituals & infuse with their power

Anoint Protection Oil
for extra protection as they set out alone 

Deeply connected to nature and all things that live, breathe and die, green witches are intelligent, often well-educated, friends of the forest. Familiar with all parts of the land they reside on, these witches draw on the old, forgotten knowledge of witch doctors, medicine folk and healers. They always seem to know just the tincture or tea you'll need to be feeling better, but they also know how to get rid of problems without leaving a trace. Constantly tending to their houseplants and their fields, the green witch aches to carry a piece of nature with them at all times. 

1960/70s Sheer Sleeve Dark Floral Maxi Dress
for the perfect gown to keep the forest with them always

New Moon Ritual Bath Bomb
for a soak under the dark moon beneath lush trees 

1920s Whiting & Davis Mesh Purse
for a magical place to store their roots and pressed flowers