Pre-Fall 2017 Lookbook

A U T U M N    A R R I V E S

This fall, we were inspired by the idea of returning to the dark half of the year, by black skies and leaves turning brown, by chillier days and longer nights. We also see this time of the year as the season of the Witch, a time when femininity is more feral, draped in black velvet, teeth bared. Dressed in dark cloth, full skirts and a sense of self, Michaela and Rebecca created images of that kind of Witch. Their clothing is vintage, magickal, but unfussy, and it tells a story—the story of a woman who goes her own way, and to hell with those who try to tell her otherwise. She is strong because she is woman and she is strong because she is never alone. 

Rebecca (left) wears the 1990s Black Buttoned Shift Dress 
and Michaela 
(right) wears the 1980s Strapless Velvet Gown


Michaela wears the 1980s Gunne Sax Maxi Dress




Michaela wears the 1940s Satin Midi Dress



Rebecca wears the 1980s Velvet Lace-Up Tunic


Michaela wears the 1980s Strapless Velvet Gown


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