Our Story


Hello there! My name is Victoria Mier and I'm a strange woman living in a 1920s Philadelphia rowhome with a wonderful man and maybe a spirit or two. Since I was young, I always thought there was something special about old things -- things that had a life before we brought them into our own. I could peruse through antique stores for hours. I marveled at the old homes my father, an electrical contractor, worked on. I loved the stories I saw in old places and ancient things.

That love quickly transitioned to clothing, and I began buying and wearing vintage as a young teen. By the age of 22, I decided I wanted to bring that love of vintage to the wider world. 

Specifically, I wanted to bring my style of vintage. Too often, vintage is relegated to the costume realm, or synonymous only with the 1950s, or has a few too many old band t-shirts and jean jackets for my liking. I wanted to show another -- a darker, stranger -- side of vintage with my handpicked selections.

I'm constantly on the hunt for clothing that has danced around a bonfire under a full moon before, a dress whose sleeves once brushed the tarot table, a caplet with the memory of the 1900s witch who wore it first. Though I can't assure every vintage piece I find has witchcraft woven through it, I am sure that every piece has a soul -- a story, a place it's been before, a person who loved it -- and I hope others value that as much as I do.


Besides the wonder and storytelling that vintage can bring to your closet, there's dozens of other reasons it's so magical. Perhaps the most notable aspect of vintage is its durability and quality. 

Fast fashion, or those shall-not-be-named stores based on churning out as many cheap pieces as possible to be worn out only a few months later, is very much a new phenomena. In the past, clothing -- even budget and off-the-rack pieces -- were made to last. Consumers demanded it. That's why a vintage coat from the 1960s is still so beautiful after nearly 60 years, and that's exactly why it still be beautiful for another 60 more. Vintage clothing was made with an attention to detail that no longer exists outside of very high price points. 

In addition to being both affordable and high-quality, vintage is the ultimate form of recycling. With nearly zero expense to the earth, you can acquire a beautiful, high-quality piece you'll love for years to come. Instead of going to a retail store and buying into far from ecological practices, unpaid or low-paid labor, and poor quality, buying vintage allows you to stay fashionable while remaining eco-conscious -- the best of both worlds. 

Lastly, wearing vintage means your style is always timeless. Sure, that magazine can claim a new trend is timeless -- but something that still looks good after 50 years is a much safer bet, if we do say so ourselves.


What makes Black Cat Clothiers different from other vintage shops is two distinct things: our attention to detail and our style.

Sometimes, a vintage shop can feel more like a thrift store -- and when the prices still look like that of a boutique's, it get frustrating. At Black Cat Clothiers, we don't believe you should be on a treasure hunt when you shop. Instead, you should be opening the whole damn treasure chest and be amazed at the beautiful things you find there. We make an effort to source high-quality vintage clothing that has minimal flaws. Though vintage garments have almost always been loved by someone else before you, we believe at the end of the day, you should still feel like you're purchasing a brand new piece. We also think you should be able to shop more than one or two garments in your size. Though vintage clothing tends to run smaller than modern sizes, we make an effort to source in ALL shapes and sizes, and we hope our offerings reflect that. 

We also hope you've noticed our distinct style. It's witchy, it's goth, it's Victorian, it's bohemian, it's little whatever kind of fierce you're feeling like today. You won't see acid-wash jean jackets, old band t-shirts or poodle skirts in our shop, and we're perfectly okay with that. We believe in careful curation, not a little bit of everything to appeal to everyone. And we believe that at its best, vintage clothing is gorgeous, timeless, daring -- and, of course, oh so witchy.