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Social Change & Justice

"Witch" is a label that has historically been slapped on the most oppressed people. Witchcraft is a tool of the marginalized, a weapon of the silenced, a fire burning from deep within folklore and mythology. It is a way of creating change and refusing to kneel to anyone.

And so, to take up the mantle of the Witch means to fight for all of these things: to spin spells against white supremacy, to never fear screaming the truth, to get dirt under your fingernails while planting seeds of justice. It means never taking a break from creating a better world. It means never being concerned about things like branding or customer approval when doing what is necessary.

Which is why racial, social and ecological justice are at the forefront of what Black Cat Clothiers stands for. This business is small, one-woman run and is firmly pro-Black, pro-LGBTQ+, pro-justice, pro-protest, pro-science, pro-reproductive rights, pro-abolition of systemic structures of racism, sexism and classism. These ideals are part of why I got into vintage in the first place: the garment manufacturing industry makes it money off the backs of poorly-paid, rarely-protected garment workers who are usually the victims of classism, sexism and racism, all at once.

Vintage clothing offers an opportunity to be kinder to the planet, to encourage personal style in a way that does not sacrifice values, to wear and own incredibly unusual, bewitching garments in a way that does not feed into the evils of fast fashion. 

But the world of vintage clothing, from the wearers to the sellers, must do more.

From here on out, I'll be donating 5% of Black Cat Clothiers' gross profits every month to an organization, community or fund in need. That organization or fund will vary based on what's going on in the world -- because it must in order to optimize resources -- but some examples of recent donations (both personal and through a raffle) include Justice for Breonna Taylor, Philly Bail Out, The Loveland Foundation and Black Visions Collective. I'll be carefully monitoring current situations and choosing organizations based on needs communicated by those communities themselves -- not what I as a privileged person thinks make me or my business look best. I'll have a running list of what organization received a donation each month housed here. I personally benefit each and every day from structures like the white supremacy, and so it is my personal responsibility to dismantle it each and every day.

I know 5% seems like nothing. This percentage will increase as I grow my business. Currently, this is a one-woman business that provides the majority of my income and living/medical expenses as a chronically ill person. This percentage will also be on top of any personal donations and raffles or fundraisers. As my business grows, so will my contributions. 

I'll continue to share important issues on my social media platform and here on my website. Any issues I discuss or highlight will also have more reading sources here on this page, so please just see below for further information and actions you can take.   

Thanks for reading,


May 2020 Raffle: $342 split between The Loveland Foundation & The Black Visions Collective

June 2020 Collective Raffle: $2000 for the Marsha P. Johnson Institute

June 2020 Monthly Donation: North Philly Peace Park - Campaign for Black Joy

July 2020 Monthly Donation: Sins Invalid

August 2020 Monthly Donation: Justice for Jacob Blake